Characterization of unconventional fluoride conversion coating prepared on AZ31 magnesium alloy

Juliána Drábiková, Stanislava Fintová, Pavel Doležal, Jaromír Wasserbauer, Petr Ptáček


Appropriate chemical composition of some magnesium alloys allows their application in biomedical field. However, the high reactivity of magnesium is a limiting factor for magnesium based material application due to the low corrosion resistance. Fluoride conversion coatings were shown to be appropriate barrier increasing magnesium corrosion resistance and providing biocompatibility. Besides good corrosion resistance and bio-properties also material wear resistance is an important factor for the biomedical implants due to their implementation into the human body. The paper offers methodology for creation of fluoride conversion coating from Na[BF4] salt melt at 450 °C including coatings characterization in terms of morphology, coverage and scratch test. Increasing the coating time the increase of the coating thickness and resistance to wear was observed.


AZ31 magnesium alloy; fluoride conversion coating; scratch test

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